PokeDX’s anniversary: Recap & Roadmap Update

4 min readOct 13, 2022

On September 16, it was exactly one year ago since we initiated our “build in public” phase. While the market has been doing its own thing during 2022, the PokeDX team has been laser focused, making great progress. This post provides a brief recap of the past year, an updated roadmap as well as what’s next for PokeDX. Let’s jump into it.

A brief recap

It’s been an eventful year in crypto, to say the least. The market capitalisation of PDX, the native of PokeDX, went from around $10,000 on launch day to more than $10M at the all time high less than two months later. Alas, while we’re waiting for the next bull run to manifest, the PokeDX team is working silently but diligently to get the platform ready for mass adoption.

We’ve reached some important milestones in the past year, built an amazing community of 1800+ holders, got listed on cryptocurrency tracking sites such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko and pushed on average 1.9 commits (updates to the codebase, red.) on GitHub every single day.

Although we’ve come a long way already, we’re just getting started and, to be honest, building blockchain-based applications isn’t always easy. Blockchain technology is still in its infancy, which means there are a lot of challenges that need to be addressed.

The biggest challenge, by far, has been developing a scalable infrastructure for the charts. We’ve spent a lot of time and resources working with external teams, pursuing solutions that didn’t work before, (finally) coming up with a feasible architecture in-house. Admittedly, this has taken longer than anticipated, but we are confident that the end-result will be worth the wait.

In this regard, I want to express our sincerest gratitude for just how patient and supportive the overwhelming majority of the PokeDX Community has been throughout this entire process. You people are the reason we get up every day to build PokeDX and we appreciate you a ton!

The protocol layer development, on the other hand, has been going very well with no obstacles worth mentioning. The protocol layer encompasses everything from staking to governance and will truly make PokeDX stand out in both architecture and functionality. We’ll be outlining the details of the protocol architecture in our next post, so stay tuned.

Going forward

All things considered, we expect to be production-ready with the platform in the first quarter of 2023. Features, patches and bug fixes will continue to be deployed in stages, as usual. We hope that the community will continue to provide valuable feedback along the way.

In addition to pushing on the development front, which is our primary focus, we have formulated three additional focus areas that will guide future operations, namely:

1. Strengthening our development team

We’re in the process of onboarding two developers that will be joining our team part-time and hope to further expand the team in 2023. With more amazing team members, we’ll be able to work on more things simultaneously, innovate more and push more frequent updates to the codebase. Our strategy for funding the team expansion will be shared during the coming months.

2. Increasing our focus on exposure

A number of initiatives are being planned to raise awareness and interest in the project. Our strategy for exposure is being developed in collaboration with PokeDX community members and includes a new website, updated whitepaper, a legacy NFT collection and much more.

Strong communities are generally/often outperforming even highly funded blockchain ventures — just think of Dogecoin, Shiba INU, or any of the thousands of moonshots. This seems to be the magic of communities in crypto… this kind of “good HODLer behavior” will materialize in a rise in the value of PDX, which further encourages participation.

Hence, we strongly encourage PDX token holders to show and enact active ownership by contributing to spreading the word as we initiate marketing activities.

3. Improving communication

Finally, we’ve made it a priority to communicate more often on different platforms. We recently got on Discord (join here) and plan to host future AMAs and competitions on the server going forward. More frequent communication on Telegram, Twitter and Medium are to be expected as well.

Updated roadmap

This is a preview of the 2023 roadmap which shall be shared with the community soon. We’re working on a multi-faceted roadmap encompassing development, marketing and business goals.

Priority items

These are the items we are currently focused on.

  • Production-ready real-time charts
  • New website + updated whitepaper
  • PokeDX infrastructure layer (enabling richer features)
  • Front-end overhaul (UI/UX, bug fixes, performance)

Next up

A small taste of what’s next for PokeDX.

  • Passively-managed token portfolios
  • Limit orders
  • Portfolio (track your assets, yields and more)
  • Discovery page (trending algo)
  • PokeDX Perpetual trading (trade with up to 100x leverage)
  • First CEX listing
  • Adding support for more chains
  • Integration with the wider DEFI ecosystem

Stay tuned for further updates for PokeDX as we continue to build PokeDX into the future. Our next post will go deeper into the PokeDX protocol layer — be sure to subscribe to be one of the first to know.

Telegram (public chat): https://t.me/dextalks
Discord (100 invitations left): https://discord.gg/cudfdd9wRm




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