PokeDX: Transitioning from Alpha to Beta

3 min readOct 26, 2021


A lot has happened since PokeDX’s fair launch on September 16th, and more than 1.300 investors have already joined the ride. The project’s official Telegram group, DEXTalks by PokeDX, has grown into a vibrant community at light speed. Thousands of lines of code have been written since the Alpha deployment, all in preparation for the upcoming beta release.This article offers a high-level overview of the features that PokeDX is currently working on; features that, when finished in less than three weeks, will constitute the first production-ready release of PokeDX. Let’s dig into it!

Beta to the people 🙌

Real-Time Charts

The ones of you who have been following the development are already aware that the candle-chart is one of our top priorities. We’ve made a lot of progress with the candles in the last few weeks and are now in the process of developing the socket-infrastructure needed to stream live data to the chart (to prevent the need to reload the page). Once the infrastructure is in place, we will optimize the performance, hide empty bars and deploy to PokeDX.app — and so the transition begins.

DEX Aggregator (Swaps)

We’ve received a lot of feedback and bug reports related to the swaps; the team is now in the process of patching bugs and implementing feedback. The issue that most people face is related to swapping with unwrapped BNB. This, along with other known bugs, will be addressed in the run-up to beta. A UI update is also underway, which will provide more quote data, including the trade route.

BuMp 10 (sponsored tokens)

Another key focus is improving pool liquidity. At the time of writing, PokeDX’s liquidity to market-cap ratio is 11.5% which is healthy but not ideal. A more liquid PDX/BNB pair will mitigate downward selling pressure when the market is pulling back, and increase the price floor over time. The first step towards improving liquidity is the BuMp 10-list.

This feature will allow projects to bump a token to the top of the list at a fixed price. The list will be displayed in various places on pokedx.app, and 90% of the revenues generated will go towards liquidity. The remaining 10% will be sent to the admin wallet to help cover running costs. We are currently writing the contract for this feature.

Additional features

The team is also working on a number of smaller updates, consisting of following items:

  • Watchlist feature
  • “My Trades” tab
  • Exporting trade history to CSV
  • Better mobile experience
  • Performance improvements
  • Newsfeed integration


PokeDX passionately believes in being transparent with their community, and they are addressing feedback as rapidly as possible; some of the feedback is already in flight for the Beta build. The team sincerely appreciates the amount of feedback, suggestions and ideas they’ve received from users since inception.

What happens next?

PokeDX will continue to deliver on their roadmap, implementing new features as fast as they are able to develop (and test) them. These features include Limit Orders, Market Depth Graphs, a DeFi dashboard and wallet tracking in addition to Staking Rewards. The team is hiring more developers in the coming months to help build the next layer of the PokeDX protocol.

A note about marketing

Marketing starts once PokeDX is in production. This is what the team has talked about so far

  • Merch giveaways
  • Crypto influencers reviewing DEX on youtube
  • Sponsoring relevant podcasts
  • Creating a “PokeDX Academy” to educate people about DeFi
  • Search-Engine Optimization
  • Google Ads

What are your thoughts? We would love to hear your ideas so make sure to share your thoughts in the comments. If you’re not already familiar with PokeDX then make sure to go check out this article to get an idea of what it’s all about. Stay tuned and remember to follow PokeDX on Telegram, Medium and Twitter.




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