PokeDX: Transitioning from Alpha to Beta

Beta to the people 🙌

Real-Time Charts

DEX Aggregator (Swaps)

BuMp 10 (sponsored tokens)

Additional features

  • Watchlist feature
  • “My Trades” tab
  • Exporting trade history to CSV
  • Better mobile experience
  • Performance improvements
  • Newsfeed integration


What happens next?

A note about marketing

  • Merch giveaways
  • Crypto influencers reviewing DEX on youtube
  • Sponsoring relevant podcasts
  • Creating a “PokeDX Academy” to educate people about DeFi
  • Search-Engine Optimization
  • Google Ads



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PokeDX is bringing sophisticated trading capabilities to DeFi by rethinking how DEX aggregators operate. Follow PokeDX to stay in the know. Beta is almost here.