Let the best memes win!

Meme Competition



Are you the one cracking all the good jokes? Love crypto projects? Is your library full of memes for every occasion? Then this is for you!

We decided to throw a new contest for the community asking you to get creative with your meme skills! Use your creativity to combine crypto and humor because it can get you a nice gift!


1st prize: $200
2nd prize: $150
3rd prize: $100
Bonus prize: $100 for a tweet with most traction

Prizes are paid in $PDX


  1. Follow @pokedxapp on Twitter
  2. Find an image to use as a meme (tip), or make one yourself (we love this)
  3. Think of a funny text
  4. Tweet your meme as a reply to our tweet, tag @pokedxapp and use the hashtags #pokememe #defi #bsc #crypto and #altcoin

Meme requirements:

  1. The meme must not contain any links
  2. Every participant can submit 1 meme, so make it count! Multiple entries will not be reviewed
  3. No NSDW memes, let’s keep it civil
  4. PokeDX is not responsible for any copyright issues, the owner is responsible for not infringing any copyright

Picking the winners:

The PokeDX team will, together with the mods, choose 3 winners based on the originality, sense of humor, and quality of the meme. The winners will be announced on december 31st.

We also have one prize for the meme that gets the most traction on Twitter (likes, retweets, and comments). So make sure you promote your submission to all your friends to increase your chances of winning!

The deadline for submissions is december 28th, 23:59 (GMT+1)

We wish you all luck but more importantly, a lot of fun making the memes for this competition! Below are some of the best community made pokememes for inspiration :)

Good luck, fish!




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