A Milestone in PokeDX Evolution: Embracing Change

3 min readApr 15, 2023

PokeDX is undergoing a significant transformation, adopting a hybrid Python and C++ backend and rebuilding its front-end with TypeScript to improve performance and user experience. A new full-time developer will join the team on May 1st to focus on front-end optimization. Soft funding has been secured for the next two quarters, allowing for team expansion and accelerated development. The first stable release is expected within approximately six weeks, with plans to integrate support for the Polygon and Ethereum networks. No updates to the legacy frontend will be made to focus resources on the new build.

In recent months, the PokeDX ecosystem has undergone a momentous transformation. Our dedicated team has been diligently revamping the entire backend, transitioning from our previous framework to a more potent and efficient solution. Python stands out as a data processing powerhouse, providing exceptional tools for data manipulation. To harmonize Python’s speed constraints with its swift development prowess, we’ve adopted a hybrid strategy, melding Python with C++. This combination allows for smooth, high-level data interaction and modularity from Python, while C++ delivers rapid storage, retrieval, and precise data management.

However, with innovation come new challenges. The front-end has become a bottleneck, primarily due to contributions from numerous freelance developers over the past 18 months. This has led to a disorganized codebase that is difficult to debug, maintain, and scale effectively. Further complicating matters, the alpha version is entirely JavaScript-based, which is suboptimal for production-grade dApplications.

The solution?

A comprehensive rebuild using TypeScript! Starting afresh with TypeScript not only saves time and sanity, but also guarantees improved performance, type-safety and a solid platform ready to meet the crypto community’s needs.

Looking back, we should have employed this modern, server-first approach from the outset, but as the adage goes, experience is the ultimate teacher.

Bolstering the Ranks: Introducing a New Full-Time Developer

Although the core trio of Legend, Sharp, and myself can handle this revamp, we recognize the importance of speed. Time is of essence, and swift action is necessary to keep PokeDX at the forefront of the constantly evolving crypto world.

Understanding the need for extra support, we tasked Legend (who also holds a full-time position in the US) with finding skilled developers to bolster our team. We’re excited to announce that we’ve narrowed our search down to two outstanding candidates. Our new full-time developer is expected to join the PokeDX family on May 1st, bringing fresh insights and expertise to this thrilling new chapter.

A front-end Aficionado

Our new team member will concentrate solely on refining the user experience and optimizing front-end performance. With their expertise, we can create seamless user experiences that distinguish PokeDX from the competition.

Empowering Our Team and Expanding the PokeDX Vision

To onboard a new full-time developer and expedite the platform’s metamorphosis, we’ve secured soft funding from a few PDX investors close to the team, for which we are immensely grateful.

For the uninitiated, soft funding refers to financial backing from investors without the rigid terms and obligations typical of conventional investment models. This funding approach allows for greater flexibility, enabling projects like ours to grow, adapt, and innovate without the burden of inflexible repayment schedules.

With soft funding secured for the next two quarters, we can expand our team with an additional developer and dramatically accelerate development. Once the new build is complete and we’ve integrated support for the Polygon and Ethereum networks, we’ll explore further funding opportunities if necessary. Transitioning to these prominent blockchain networks will qualify us for numerous Web3 grants, designed to foster innovative projects contributing to the decentralized ecosystem’s growth and development.

So what’s next?

With the combined expertise of our expanded team, we anticipate deploying the first stable release within approximately six weeks. This timeline is an estimate, as it considers the integration of our new full-time developer and the implementation of the advanced TypeScript rebuild. By focusing our resources and diligently collaborating, we aim to deliver an enhanced, robust platform that meets the expectations of the PokeDX community and sets the stage for the exciting developments ahead.

To focus our limited resources we will not be updating the legacy (alpha) frontend in the meantime, as it would be counter productive. Thanks for your understanding and don’t worry, we’ll keep you posted on the progress all the way.

Stay tuned for more updates.




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